What do I send?

Please follow WCA’s submission guidelines and provide the following:

  • your credentials/bio and contact information
  • a brief synopsis of your work
  • a writing sample of at least ten pages, sent within the body of the email (not as an attachment, please!)
  • prior submission history for the project

Our agents bring their diverse interests to their individual client lists, but we are generally looking for authors with a mastery of language, a passionate, expert or original perspective on their subject, and a gift for storytelling. A demonstrated ability to connect with readers, whether by social media platform or other means, is greatly valued by publishers, and therefore by us as well.

WCA represents:

  • literary and quality commercial fiction
  • a wide range of narrative non-fiction
  • a limited range of practical non-fiction, including cookbooks
  • high quality fiction and nonfiction for children and young adult

Please note that WCA does not represent screenwriters, playwrights or poets, and that we almost exclusively represent authors residing in Canada.

Who do I send it to?

Send all queries to: wca_office@wcaltd.com. Please note that we only accept electronic submissions. Please include the word “query” in the subject line of your email.

If you believe your submission is best suited for a particular agent please let us know. Like you, our agents have their own tastes. We encourage you to refer to the agent bios, to determine which agent might be the best recipient of your submission. Please do not query more than one agent at the agency simultaneously & please only submit one work at a time (until we have had a chance to review and respond to your first query).

When will I hear back from WCA?

Thank you for thinking of Westwood Creative Artists! We appreciate the effort you have placed into querying the agency, and in return ask for your patience as we review your submission.

Please note that we are not able to confirm receipt of submissions. Because we receive an extremely high volume of submissions daily, neither are we able to reply individually to every query received.

Please allow us twelve weeks to consider your submission. If we have not replied within that time, it can be assumed that for one reason or another we have decided against pursuing the project.